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Belco's Online Banking

RV loans make the magic happen, and at Belco our RV loan rates are the icing on the cake! Get up to 110% of the loan to value ratio on your next RV when you invest in our lower-cost loan options.

Compare RV loan rates and terms to find the perfect fit for your next adventure.

New RV Loans
(2021 and newer)*
 APR* starting at:
$3,000 or less24 Months7.99%
$3,001 or over 36 Months 7.99%
$6,000 or over48 Months7.99%
$10,000 or over 60 Months 8.24%
$12,000 or over 72 Months 8.24%
$15,000 or over 84 Months 8.74%
$25,000 or over 120 Months 8.74%
$35,000 or over180 Months9.49%
Used RV Loans
(Up to 15 model years)*
 APR* starting at:
$3,000 or less24 Months8.99%
$3,001 or over 36 Months 8.99%
$6,000 or over48 Months8.99%
$10,000 or over 60 Months 9.24%
$12,000 or over 72 Months 9.24%
$15,000 or over 84 Months 9.24%
$25,000 or over 120 Months 9.74%
$35,000 or over180 Months 10.49%

RV Loan Rates Calculator

RV loan rates from Belco are incredibly competitive. See for yourself by calculating your monthly savings with our RV loan rates calculator below.

Factors Impacting Your RV Loan Rates

Before you buy, understand what factors could impact your interest or APR rates.

  • New vs. Used: New RVs cost more than used RVs, although their interest rates will be different. Rates on used vehicles are usually higher than new.
  • Term: Longer terms allow you to pay less per payment, but increase the interest you pay over time. Shorter terms cost more per payment, but significantly reduce overall interest.
  • Credit Score: Prime credit scores come with a lot of benefits, including the ability to finance RVs at a lower rate. Subprime scores often invoke greater limitations, including higher rates.

Learn More About RV Loans

RV Loan Rates FAQ

Q: What is the longest term length I can get on an RV loan?

A: RVs are a big investment and it’s important to get a term that works for you. Belco Community CU is proud to provide RV loan rates with terms up to 180 months. Find the perfect term and start saving!

Q: How do I get Belco’s RV loan rate discount?

A: If you are enrolled in automatic withdrawal payments for Belco’s RV loan program, you will be eligible for a 0.25% APR rate discount over the life of the loan. Make our day and yours with the touch of a button.

Q: Why are Belco’s RV loan rates higher for used RVs?

A: Newer RVs lack significant depreciation value, unlike used RVs. Your used RV may come with a lower price tag, but bear in mind that your APR rates will be higher for the life of the loan.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates quoted include a .25% deduction for automatic payment from a Belco account and LTV up to 100%. Rate may differ depending upon credit worthiness, LTV, loan amount, and term of the loan. Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. New vehicle rates apply to vehicles with 5,000 or fewer miles. Refinance of a Belco account requires a minimum of $5,000 in new money. All loans subject to credit approval.