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What are the Advantages of Mobile Deposit?

access_time Posted on: October 8th, 2020

The world has changed from COVID-19. People are relying on technology now more than ever to accomplish their daily tasks. From groceries delivered right to your door from an app, to Zoom meetings with team members from the comfort of your home, the dependency on technology has grown to new heights since 2020.

Banks and credit unions are no exception to the mobile and online technology movement. One of the most beneficial and easy tools at Belco is our Mobile Deposit feature. While this tool has been around a long time, many people do not take advantage of Mobile Deposit because they may not be aware of how it can make their life easier. There are also many people who ask: “What is mobile deposit?”

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a tool that allows you to deposit a check to any account all with your smart phone. Mobile Deposit was designed with the user in mind with simple steps and an easy process to get started. With Mobile Deposit, banking can be done anywhere! Check out the advantages of mobile deposit.

Deposit from anywhere in the world

Mobile Deposit’s biggest appeal is that you can deposit checks from anywhere in the world. You no longer have to hold on to checks, sometimes for days, to deposit them on your weekly bank visit. Depositing checks as soon as possible allows you to have access to your money as fast as possible. Also, by depositing checks sooner, you can start earning interest right away if you have an interest bearing account. If you relocate outside of the counties Belco serves, you can continue to use your Belco account and make deposits!

Save time by not having to go to a branch/ATM location

Imagine: It’s Saturday morning – you have to get the family up and fed, go run your errands, and shop for groceries, all before going to a family gathering. But you forgot you also have to go to the bank! So you have to go out of your way to a branch, wait in line, and finally deposit your check. That could add some stress and inconvenience to your already busy Saturday.

The solution? Utilize Belco’s Mobile Deposit, which allows you to get all of your activities done and deposit on the go. Save yourself time and energy. Why wait in line?

Deposit outside of banking hours

Working a 9-5 Monday through Friday job can be great, but it can also limit your window to make a trip to your financial institution.  Exhausted and heading to a branch from a long day at work does not sound like the best way to end your day. You can make those deposits right from the comfort of your home any time of day. If you work 3rd shift or if you are just a night owl, you can make deposits right to your accounts with the mobile deposit feature. In fact, most people do their banking from their bed or their couch!  Banking 24/7 right from your phone means you are in control!

Mobile Banking is secure

Many individuals lack trust in mobile banking security. With so many hackers, spam emails, and theft, the last thing you want is giving the bad guys access to your money. As a financial credit union dedicated to protecting you from fraudsters, Belco offers nothing but the best in security, especially on the Money Manager app. You can enjoy peace of mind when using Mobile Deposit, knowing that it will get to your account safely and securely!

Mobile deposit makes banking simple and can save you time. The world is changing from technology and we are using it now more then ever. You control your financial deposits, anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about Belco’s Mobile Deposit feature and get started, check out the Belco Mobile Deposit Tutorial! Start Believing in Better Banking with Belco!

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