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Join Belco’s Savings Safari Club            safari club logo                

It’s never too early to teach kids to be financially responsible.  The Savings Safari Club is for Belco members 12 years old and younger. Kids can join Belco’s Savings Safari Club if they have a family member who is a current Belco member. Family members include your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. When a child joins the Savings Safari Club, they receive an Official Membership Card, a paw print stamp card and an account opening gift.  During the course of their membership, children enjoy events, newsletters, parties, contests and much more!  In order to join, bring the child’s birth certificate and $10. (Parents need to be joint on the account, so bring your current ID and proof of address) We will put the first $5 in a Basic Savings Account, which establishes membership to the Credit Union. The other $5 is deposited to the Savings Safari Account to enroll the child in the Club.

Regulation D limits apply

Savings Safari Club Member Benefits

Safari Savings Card

Every new Safari member will receive a Savers Card. The Savers Card is used to earn cool Safari Rewards. Each time a deposit of $5 or more is made into your Savings Safari Club at one of our branches, you will receive one paw print stamp on your Savers Card, as well as a small toy for making your deposit.  Save your paw print stamps to trade for cool stuff!  You can trade for rewards with as little as 5 paw prints–or save up your paws to receive bigger rewards with 10 or 15 paw prints! It’s up to you! Start saving for the REWARDS you want!

Excellence in Education

An education incentive program for students, GRADES K-12, who are members of a Belco Community Credit Union. Belco will pay $1.00 per “A” in any subject up to five (5) maximum per marking period when a parent matches the dollar amount. Report cards can be redeemed at any branch location. Students are required to have a Savings Account and either a Savings Safari Club (12 & under) or an Xtreme Teen Savers Club (13 & over). Funds are deposited into these accounts unless specified differently. Only the latest marking period will be accepted. You have until the next marking period to “cash-in”. Deadline for final report cards is the end of July. Parents should bring a complete copy of the report card, including an explanation of the grading scale.

Contests and Special Events

  • Easter Egg Hunts*
  • Safari Skating Parties*
  • Youth Month activities, contests, and prizes*
  • Monthly drawings for prizes
  • Straight A’s contest
  • Financial Literacy activities and events

*See our Calendar of Events for details

Become a Savings Safari Club Member TODAY!

Stop by your nearest location to sign up for this great package today!