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Belco's Online Banking

Certificate Specials

Certificate Accounts

Take advantage of a simple, secure investment tool that rewards longer terms and higher deposits.

Belco Certificate Accounts offer competitive rates on deposits starting at $500. Choose how long you want to leave your funds untouched, then sit back and watch your balance grow!

Get Started With Just $500

Most terms start at $500 and you can also choose our Bump Up or Add On Options.

Longer Terms Earn Higher Rates

Choose a term of 3 to 60 months and earn more the longer you leave your funds intact.

Higher Balances Earn More

Maximize your earnings with investments of $10K, $50K, $75K.

Higher Balances Earn Compounding Dividends

Savings grow faster when you earn interest on your deposited funds as well as APY on interest earned.

Everything You Need to Know About Certificate Accounts

Certificate accounts are also known as certificates of deposit or CD accounts. They’re an ideal choice if you’re saving money for a specific use in the future or if you’re growing a nest egg. 

A happy family feels secure after investing in a CD account.
  • The minimum for most certificates is $500.
  • Terms available are from 3 to 60 months.
  • Longer terms generally earn higher interest rates and dividends.
  • Earn higher rates on minimum investments of $10,000, $50,000, and $75,000.
  • You earn a fixed interest rate for the entire term (unless otherwise noted).
  • Interest is compounded, so you earn APY (annual percentage yield) on your dividends. 
  • Choose how to receive your monthly dividends:
    • Added back to the certificate
    • Paid to you by check
    • Posted to your savings or checking
  • Your account is automatically renewed when your certificate account matures at the end of your term.
  • Maturity notices are mailed about 30 days in advance if you prefer to withdraw funds.
  • Early withdrawal penalties will apply if the account is closed prematurely.
  • Bump Up Certificates offer a rate increase at key points in your term.
  • Add On Certificates let you add funds after your initial deposit.
  • Certificate-secured loans are available and can avoid the penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Federally insured by NCUA.

Try one of our certificate accounts and watch your money grow over time!

See Our Competitive Certificate Accounts Rates

The outstanding feature of a certificate of deposit account is that you earn higher dividends and APY for longer terms. Click below to see how much you can gain over a period of time that meets your savings goals.


“I would highly recommend using Belco and its services to anyone. I find their interest rates are better than the average Bank.”

– Ruth C.


“Everyone is so nice and kind.”

– Bobbi J. R.


“I am with Belco from last 14 years. All my personal, business, automobile accounts with Belco. The staff is very friendly. Most of them call with my name when I enter into their building. The service is awesome from the branch and customer care.”

– Sadanandam B.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Belco Certificate Account

Mobile and Online Banking 

Easily check your account balance, receive dividends, and more.

No Annual Fee 

You won’t lose any of your earnings to unnecessary fees.

Compounding Dividends

Earn interest on your deposits as well as your earned interest.

Competitive Rates

Earn great rates no matter which certificate account term you choose.

Automatic Renewal

When your account matures, roll into a new term or withdraw funds.

Federal Insurance

Federally insured by NCUA.

Need More Information Before You Open Your Certificate Account?

Certificate Account FAQs

What’s the minimum deposit to open an account and earn dividends?

You need a deposit amount and minimum balance of just $500 for most of our certificates of deposit options, including our terms of 12 months to 60 months, plus our Bump Up and Add On Certificates.

Our shorter term options of 3, 6, and 9 months need a $1,000 minimum deposit.

Will my rates go up during my term?

Your dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) rate will generally stay the same throughout your term. They will not go up and down like the unpredictable stock market.

However, if you choose a Bump Up Certificate, your rate may go up on a predetermined schedule. This is a good option if market deposit rates are low when you open your account and you think they may go up in the future.

Can I add funds to my account after my initial deposit?

You can’t add funds to a Certificate account unless you choose an Add On Certificate. This account offers more flexibility than regular certificates, though the rates may be slightly lower.

Can I withdraw funds from my Certificate Account?

When you open a Certificate account, you agree to leave your funds untouched for a fixed term. This means you can’t generally withdraw funds from your account until you reach the end of your term or maturity date.

If you find you need access to the funds before your maturity date, you will need to pay a penalty fee. It may be a percentage of your interest earned or a flat fee. A Certificate secured loan may let you avoid the penalty for early withdrawal.

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