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Belco's Online Banking

Security Best Practices

For our Best Practices to be affective, Belco Recommends:

Be certain that you understand the easy-to-read terms outlined in your Belco Agreements and Disclosures.
When you open your Belco account, you agree to its terms, which were written to protect you.
Check your Belco Account Statements each month for any unauthorized activity or transactions.
You must notify Belco immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary in your monthly Account Statement.
Keep your login information to Belco’s online banking website safe and confidential
Keep your User ID, Member # (member account number), and Password in an secure place and do not share them with anyone. Sharing this information may cause any transactions conducted on your account to be considered by Belco as legitimate transactions.
Always lock your computer/device before you walk away:
Avoid having other people with access to the computer/device in which you are using to connect to online banking.  While Belco’s security measures are in place to keep you information safe and secure, they shouldn’t be relied on to act as the only form of protection.
Avoid using public networks to connect to online banking
Public networks often do not use encryption, which could cause your login information or financial information to be cached in a temporary file and be used later to compromise your account, even after you have logged out.
Be on the lookout for social engineering attacks, such as “phishing” emails.
Belco will never ask you for your account number, Social Security number, date of birth or other pieces of personal information in an e-mail. If you are provided with a link in an e-mail, do not follow it if you question its validity. Belco recommends that you always type in the Web address of Belco.org when logging in.
Keep your antivirus and antimalware software updated
These vendors often releases patches and updates on a regular basis.  The more up-to-date the programs are, the better they are in protecting your computer.

Additional Information

Belco can only guarantee the online security of your funds and your personal information while you are conducting financial business on Belco’s site.
That means that if you leave Belco’s secure site, Belco can no longer make assurances that other sites will offer you the same protective measures as Belco.