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Belco's Online Banking

What is an ITM?

An Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) combines the ease of self-service ATMs with the benefits of personalized banking. This innovative technology offers an enhanced ATM experience and the ability to perform your everyday transactions with a local Belco team member via two-way video at the drive-thru or in a branch, just as you would with a teller. You can complete many transactions on your own, or if you like, a Belco employee located at our Operations Center in Harrisburg, PA will assist you virtually.

ITMs allow for virtual personal assistance or self-service, the choice is yours. 95% of typical teller transactions can be done on an ITM, including:

  • Check Deposits
  • Balance Inquiries 
  • Account Withdraws
  • Funds Transfers
  • Loan Payments

Access your account securely using your Belco debit/ATM card. With the addition of ITMs, you will be able to receive more time and consultative services in-branch, putting you in control of your financial journey and service experience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About ITMs

Where are Belco ITMs located?

You’ll find ITMs in the drive-thru lanes and lobby of our Allentown Blvd. branch, located at 5500 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg, PA, in the vestibule of our Paxton St. branch at 4015 Paxton St., Harrisburg, PA, and in the drive-thru lanes only at our Enola branch, located at 4600 Mt. Zion Dr., Enola, PA.

How does an ITM work?

ITMs work similarly to an ATM, but have many more features and benefits. The biggest difference is that with one touch of the help button, you will be connected via two-way live video to one of our virtual representatives to help with a transaction or answer your account questions.

What transactions can be conducted at the ITM?

Almost any transaction that can be completed at a teller line can be completed at an ITM.

Why is Belco moving in this direction?

Our ITMs will allow members to have a live interaction with a virtual representative, creating a exceedingly personalized experience. This will also give our in-branch employees a chance to better identify our members needs by having more meaningful conversations with them.

Why should I use an ITM?

ITMs give a full in-branch experience in a more convenient and secure way.

Is there a fee to use an ITM?

No, using an ITM is the same as going to the teller window. There are no additional fees.

Why should I use an ITM?

ITMs give a full in-branch experience in a more convenient and secure way.

Will my transaction take longer than it does with a traditional teller?

Transactions run on an ITM should take less time. If assistance is requested, our representatives will assist and coach our members, so the next time they come to use the machine, they will know exactly what to do.

Are tellers losing their jobs to the ITMs?

Absolutely not! Adding virtual tellers enhances the value of your Belco membership by offering a new level of convenience. Our in branch employees will still be there to assist members with needs outside of traditional teller transactions.

Is my conversation with an interactive teller private?

Yes, your conversations are as private as if you were standing in line inside the credit union.

How can ITMs securely authenticate that I am the actual member?

ITMs will allow you to enter your account using your card and PIN (like an ATM). When connected to a representative, they will use the same authentication methods as a teller would use on a teller line.

Who are the tellers I’ll be interacting with?

All Belco Community Credit Union interactive tellers work out of our Operations Center in Harrisburg, PA. You may even recognize a few of them!

When are Interactive Teller Machines available?

ITM representatives will be available during normal business hours. ITMs provide enhanced ATM services outside of these hours.

Can I still use ATM features without a live teller to assist me?

Yes, if you prefer to complete an ATM transaction without the assistance of an interactive teller, simply access your account via the ITM and follow the steps you would take with a typical ATM machine. During the ATM transaction, if you would like assistance, you have the option of speaking with a representative at any time.


Please note that our Paxton St. branch in Harrisburg will be open for drive-thru service only today (5/21) from 2:30-5PM. We apologize for any inconvenience.