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Belco's Online Banking

Do Payday Your Way with Direct Deposit!

Direct Deposit is a convenient way to take control of your paycheck. We offer flexible options to fit your lifestyle.
Deposit all or part of your paycheck with Belco, and enjoy the following benefits: 

Save Time!

Get paid sooner with Direct Deposit.* 

*Please note that your direct deposit may be credited earlier than expected. This is because Belco processes direct deposits as soon as we receive ACH files.

Automatic Savings

Flexibility to set up automatic transfers in home banking to grow your savings.

Reduce Your Travel

Tired of that trip to the bank? Eliminate paper checks and allow for automatic payments saving your time and reducing paper usage!

Prevent Lost or Stolen Checks

Reduce your risk of check fraud. Never lose another paper paycheck with Direct Deposit. 

The easiest way to set up Direct Deposit is to take the Belco Routing number and your Account Number to your employer or other payment originator. Remember, each employer may have specific steps or requirements you may need to follow. 

  • Timely – Belco deposits ACH as soon as received. You may get paid sooner than your scheduled payday!
  • Automatic Savings –Flexibility to set up automatic transfers in home banking to grow your savings.
  • Convenience – eliminates the need for physical checks and allows for automatic payments, saving paper, time, and effort.
  • Payment Security – reduce risk of check fraud and lost or stolen checks.

In order to set up Direct Deposit at Belco you will need: 

  1. A Routing Number. Belco’s Routing Number is 231380997
  2. Your full 13-digit Account Number- This can be found on your Home Banking: Home Banking > Account Details > MICR Account Number.

If you are looking to enroll in Direct Deposit, you can get started today by taking our Direct Deposit Authorization form to your employer. 

Routing Number: 231380997