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Commercial Real Estate Mortgage

Belco Business Loan Application

A Belco Commercial Real Estate Mortgage can accommodate your long-term real estate financing needs:

  • Purchase real estate for business use
  • Provide long-term financing for capital improvements
  • Purchase of fixed assets
  • Refinance your existing mortgage for more favorable terms
  • Repay an investor

Your Belco Commercial Real Estate Mortgage may be approved for a total term of up to twenty-five years with monthly payments of principal and interest. Rates are typically fixed for the first five years of the loan and are then subject to change at five year intervals.

A first lien is usually required on your commercial real estate with a typical loan to value ratio of 75%. Maximum loan to value will depend on the nature of the real estate and cash flow.

As with all Belco business loan products, you may use the convenience of your own computer in the comfort of your office or home to transfer funds from your Belco Business Checking Account to make monthly payments on your Belco Commercial Real Estate Mortgage using Money Manager. Or, you may request automatic monthly payments from your Belco Business Checking Account to your Belco Commercial Real Estate Mortgage.

You may also choose to access your business accounts through your mobile device using the Belco Mobile Money Manager application. Virtually anything you can see or do on your computer, can also be accomplished using our mobile app.