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Belco's Online Banking

Use your QUICKEN software with your Belco Accounts

Belco supports both the Web-Connect service and the Express Web-Connect service offered in conjunction with QUICKEN financial management software.

Web-Connect allows a user to go to Belco Money Manager and download a “QFX” file that can be imported in Quicken.

Express Web-Connect allows a user to go directly into Quicken and have their account transactions automatically downloaded in the Quicken software without going into Belco Money Manager.

Below you will find links to help you use one of these services. Please find the appropriate file depending on you circumstances.

Web-Connect for MAC (2007)

Please be aware of fraudulent text messages targeting Belco members. THESE MESSAGES ARE NOT FROM BELCO COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION. If you receive a message asking you to respond to an action that you did not initiate, DO NOT click on the link. Delete the message and block the number.