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Here’s Something to ‘Check’ off Your To-do List

One of Belco Community Credit Unions’ main goals is to make a financial start or change easily available to its members – whether you’re opening your first basic account with the branch or you’re looking for a change to better services – the Credit PA Savings Account is easy to use and comes with clear perks for each member.

No more wondering, “How much money is in my account today?”

  • A basic checking account with Belco is free: so you won’t lose a dime opening an account and there’s also no need to come up with a minimum balance.
  • Through Belco you can get an ATM or Visa card completely free of charge, as well as register these cards for the Belco rewards program.
  • A Credit PA Savings Account offers overdraft protection for its members, which in the long run can save money on any additional charges which could have overdrawn your account.


No Need to Travel to Your Local Branch

  • Further services include online remote advantages.
    • Mobile Bill Pay: where members can set up a payment method through their account which will automatically pay bills month by month.
    • Free Remote Deposits: makes transferring funds between accounts or sending a picture of a check as easy as logging in online and making the deposit yourself.
    • Additionally, these services are available 24 hours a day, all week long; local branches, on the other hand, have specific operating hours.


Opening an account at a Belco branch is easy – even teens 13 years or older can set up a joint account with a parent or guardian – and it’s not something you will regret. Belco is a professional credit union and their goal each and every time is to be available to support their members with their earnings, interests, and goals.

Find out more about Belco Community Credit Union today!

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