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We’ve made online and mobile banking better for you!

You may have noticed your online banking experience has a fresh new look! An updated design and new features have improved access to your financial information, making it easier and more convenient to manage your accounts.

Please note, there are new mobile apps now available on Googleplay and the App Store. You will need to download the new app to continue to access your Belco accounts on your device.

Check out our tutorial videos to learn more about how to take full advantage of the new and improved Belco Money Manager.

Most Popular Topics

Statements:  Statements and 1098/1099’s can be found in the “Accounts” widget on the left hand side on Money Manager. Choose “Statements” above the list of accounts. Note: When you click on this, it will open another window, so be sure that you enable pop-ups for our site.

Quicken users, click here for more information on how to integrate your Belco accounts with your Quicken software.

Thumbprint login:  To enable your thumbprint touch ID with the Money Manager app, enter your username and click on “enable quick login” which can be found under the spot where you enter your password. You will then be asked to choose a pin and repeat it for verification. You will also need to enter a name for your device. After you complete set up, your phone is enabled for touch ID. Clicking on “continue” will then take you to your accounts.

Where to find due dates:  Loan payment due dates can be found in the “Account Details” for each specific loan. From the Dashboard, choose the loan. There are 2 options beneath the name of the loan. Choose “Account Details”. When the screen refreshes, the next payment date is approximately mid-way down the list. In addition, if your payment is due within the next 7 days, you will receive a notice on your Dashboard indicating the name of the loan, the payment due, the number of days until the due date and you will be given the option to “Pay Now”.

Address Update:  Your address and other personal information can be updated within the online banking site. When logged in, look for your name in the upper right hand corner.  Hover over your name and a drop down appears.  Click on the “Settings” option in that drop down. Then click on “Contact” to view your personal information. Changes can be made by clicking “Edit”.

Check Copies:  To view an image of your cleared check, click on your “Checking” account. Locate the transaction in the transaction history. Click on the transaction and a copy the check will appear in a pop up window.  You will have the option to view both the front and the back of the check. Note: If a vendor turns your paper check into an ACH item, or if your paper checks were printed prior to February 1, 2012, then the image will not be available for viewing.

RDA Deposits:  Funds from a check successfully deposited through our Remote Deposit process will be available within 1 full business day.